CMOE Kids Flea Market

cMoe Kids Flea Market and Career Fair

cMoe will be hosting its 4th Annual Kids Flea Market on May 14th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Enterprising children 16 years and younger will be selling their outgrown toys, books, CDs, games, and handmade craft items.  Children’s booth rentals are $15 per table (2 table maximum). No food or drink products!

cMoe is accepting a limited number of adult vendors to come out and sell their local made products. Products must be locally made and for children. The adult booth rental fee is $25.

cMoe will also be hosting a Career Fair!  cMoe’s Career Fair is an opportunity for kids to envision all sorts of career possibilities for themselves.  Children will explore career possibilities with special guests from a variety of careers and experiment with interests and skills.

For more information, please visit cMoe.