SWIRCA BrewMile is happening Friday, July 22nd, 2016 in the parking lot of Historic Bosse Field. This new event will get everyone excited for the BrewFest the next day. Four beers, four laps, that’s it!
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So How Does It Work?

The race will begin with a 12 ounce beer that must be consumed in the “Chug Zone” before the runner can begin their lap. Four laps, four beers. We will have three different race categories- competitive, relay or fun run. The beer will provided for the runners. The type of beer will be Coors Banquet with a 5% ABV to comply with the official  Beer Mile Rules. Be warned though, anyone who pukes must run an additional lap! Every runner must be 21 years or older and show their ID at registration.

All runners must have a Designated Driver!

Individuals- (Competitive and Fun Run) $25 per person. This includes the race, four beers, a t-shirt, and a BrewFest glass.

Teams (Relay)- $60 per team or $15 per person. Teams of four with each individual drinking one beer and running one lap. Included is the race, four beers, four t-shirts, and four BrewFest glasses.

What’s The Difference Between the Categories?

Competitive– This race is for the serious runners. The fastest Male and Female runners will become the King and Queen of the BrewFest and receive a prize package including VIP tickets!

Relay– Groups of four people each drinking one beer and running a quarter mile (1 lap).

Fun Run– Not a serious runner? No problem! Want to walk the race?! This is the race for you. Run, walk, skip, do whatever you need to do to finish the race! The fun run will still consist of four beers and four laps. Costumes are encouraged!

*The schedule of the races will be released closer to the event. Additional heats will be added if needed.


Timing by To The Finish, LLC