Gattitown has some exciting things to share!

At GattiTown Evansville, we take pizza seriously. That’s why we hand-roll dough fresh each morning, use our signature sauce with sixteen secret herbs and spices and top it all off with real smoked provolone cheese combined with only the best toppings!

We are now introducing buffalo wings to the buffet!


Snaky Tickets: A unique twist on the classic game

About: 2 Players face off on a 55 inch monitor to collect as many tickets as they can. Hurry up, as the snakes get longer the more you go on. Running into the walls, or your yourself will end your turn.

Grand Piano Keys is a video redemption game that lets 1-2 users at a time play some music while winning tickets. This is an enhanced version of the mobile app of the same name, the arcade version featuring a huge 55″ screen, support for two players at the same time and colored keys (blue for the left player, green for the right), and large piano key controllers. You win big by quickly and consistently pressing the lit/colored keys as they scroll from the top down. Be careful though – one mistake and it’s game over!  Click Here to see a video.

 The Walking Dead game with crossbow shooter Has arrived.

Come check it out!

Not for the faint of heart ❤️

Many More games are headed Gattitown’s way and we will be the first to let you know when they arrive!


For more upcoming announcements be sure to visit Gattitown Evansville